Do you know…why your business needs professional graphic design?

Do I look Professional?

Your first clue that your graphic design efforts might not be “professional” could be as simple as a friend asking what program you used to create your flyer. Yes, unfortunately, your friend has pegged your flyer as a DIY project, in other words, not professional. How this happens is a topic for several blog entries. But, fact is, you want your customers/clients to know that your skills are competent and up to date, that the services you offer meet your customers’ needs and that your experience and expertise allow you to deliver a superior product or service at a competitive price…in short, that you are a professional. Unfortunately, using marketing tools that are clearly not professional, effectively counters your claims of professionalism.

The example below demonstrates what I’m talking about. The flyer on the left (BEFORE) was created in-house using MS Word. It’s well organized and easy to read…not a bad job. On the other hand, the flyer on the right (AFTER) was created by Art of Communication using professional graphic design software and professional design expertise to generate the energy and attention needed to actually increase service sales.

You use professional services in many aspects of you business. Professional graphic design is simply another critical service to add to your arsenal of business tools.

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